Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia

European Cultural Foundation


Struga, 16-21 October, 2012

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Founded in 1963, Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia continues to be the only national NGO that works with young musicians and young people, developing their creativity and supporting their initial public promotion in the field of music. JMM strives to encourage and match the need for direct communication between the young people and the audience in general with music and with the other cultural values as well. Created on artistic and pedagogical basis, JMM integrates young people regardless of political, religious, national or language background, pleading for generations of young people who will have cosmopolitan, humanistic approaches in their own individual and global creation and development.

Created 50 years ago, JMM has proven those principles with more than 7.000 organized manifestations and concerts, gathering more than thousand artists as soloists and more than 7.000 participants and program animators in various ensembles, followed by more than one million visitors as audience, mostly young people. This makes JMM one of the biggest cultural movements in Republic of Macedonia.

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Struga, 16 - 21 October, 2012

Voice the Music

Young musicians and music professionals from Eastern Europe often face difficulties in approaching a career path that is innovative, new and "thinking out of the box" when it comes to already established formal presentations of the music experience...

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